Start monitoring your certificates.
Know when to act.

Cert Chief helps you monitor certificates
and gives a heads up when it all goes to shite.

Keep your traffic private & secure

Cert Chief keeps tabs on your certificates and TLS configuration so you cannot forget.


Monitor from any device

A responsive web interface allowing you to quickly see what's up from your tablet or smartphone.


Insights in your security seals

Make sure your TLS configuration is correct and your certificates are valid and trusted by all browsers.

Monitor certificate transparency logs

Monitor CT logs

You can browse the certificate transparency logs, giving you insights in what certificates are issued for any domain or by any CA. You can even add monitors for a heads up if a certificate is maliciously issued for your domain, allowing you to catch it quickly.

Scheduled reports

Scheduled reports Coming soon

Get a status update every morning with your cuppa, or an overview on sunday while you are eating a delicious croissant not worrying about a forgotten certificate renewal.

All features

This list is ever expanding and based on user feedback, please contact us if you are missing something!

  • Monitor domains for valid certificates, and changes
  • Monitor domains for soon to expire or revoked certificates
  • Monitor domains for expired and/or untrusted certificates
  • Monitor Qualys SSL Server Test grade monitoring
  • Monitor and explore the certificate transparency logs
  • As a side effect we are also monitoring your domains for uptime
  • Notifications via e-mail, Slack, Telegram or maybe a Webhook? We support them all!
  • Notifications are configurable per channel so the right people know what is happening

Simple pricing, great value

While in beta we are evaluating our features and costs and have not set a price yet. After the beta ends you will be notified and giving plenty of time to consider.

Monthly Billing
Annual Billing
1 mo free
?? /mo
?? /year
10 domains
?? days history
Scan every 5 minutes
2 notification channels
CT log browsing
?? /mo
?? /year
50 domains
?? days history
Scan every 5 minutes
5 notification channels
CT log browsing
5 CT log monitors
?? /mo
?? /year
100 domains
?? days history
Scan every 5 minutes
10 notification channels
CT log browsing
50 CT log monitors